What Are Op Codes?

What Are Op Codes?

During your time on NuOp you may have seen something like this  https://open.nuop.com/J6OGTS. Have you ever wondered what the deal is with this code? Well they have a lot more use then you think. They are NuOp "Op" codes and they are one of the many ways to find and claim Ops.       

Lets talk about it a little more. 

What Is An Op Code?

In short it's a unique code that is used to decipher one op from the next.  Many times you will see the op code in the context of a link to an op landing page.  The part we want to look at is the last SIX digits of that link, https://open.nuop.com/J6OGTS <--. That is your op code.

These codes are used in several different ways, but the bottom line is that they are a great way to find a specific op really fast. Let's now take a look at how you can use an op code to find the op you are looking for, and also to see different ways they are utilized on the NuOp platform.

Manually Claiming an Opportunity with an Op Code:

There are two ways to manually claim on opportunity using a Op Code. 

1. Claiming an Opportunity with an Op Code using "More Filters"
  1. From the Opportunity Feed on the home module, click  “More Filters”. 
  2. In the next screen go to the bottom and click on Opportunity Code”.

  3. A box will show, Enter the Code here. 

4. Click on Apply Filters.

5. Hit Claim.

2. Claiming an Opportunity With Your Op Code using "My Ops"

  1. Sign Up or Login. If you are Signing Up, make sure your phone and email are verified. 

  2. Go to the My Ops at the top, left hand side, of the page.

  3. At the bottom of the screen it will say If you have a referral code enter it below to view full details of the referral”

  4. Enter the Code then click redeem. 

  5. Then click "Claim".

Once again what you want to be looking for is the code at the very end like this; https://open.nuop.com/J6OGTS   <-----

Check out this video if you are having an issue.

However it is important to note that if you have exchanged or claimed Ops in the past this field will not be here. In that case if you go to filters  you will see a field in which you can paste your Op code. 

Use Cases

New Member joining NuOp Via a Op code to accept an OP: It is likely that someone will have gotten a Op code and are not a member. What happens then? Well you would not be able to claim the Op until you register and verify your account. You can learn how to verify your email here then your phone number here. After that you will be able to claim that op Via the Op code in the methods described above. 

Joined Via social media: Sometimes people join through social media, awesome! But what's next? As per the use case above you have to sign up. Then afterwards you can use the Op code you may have found on social media to discover the Op and claim it.

Received an Open Op invite through email:  Emails are always flowing, they are apart of our daily lives. So it is likely that a soon to be Member gets a invite from a current NuOp user, maybe a friend. Inviting them to a Open Op. They get that code and after registering can find the Op instantly, 

Can't Find A Older Op:  Looking for a old op and can't find it? The Op codes are here to help, all you have to do is filter by Op code, but the code in, voila! It should appear. See video above for more help.  


At the end of the day, Op codes are your compass to every Op past and current on NuOp. It will always point you in the right direction if you have the correct Op code. One important take away is make sure you are signed up before trying to use them. It lessens the risk of anything going wrong and if you have an account you can use everything NuOp has to offer. 

There you have it! Op codes in all their glory, and now you have the know how on how to use them like a Pro. 

Want to learn how to claim these Ops you are invited to? Check out this other helpful artical --> "Claiming an Open Opportunity"


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