Drafts are apart of the "My Ops" feature on NuOp. They allow you to save your created Ops before posting them so you can return at a later date. This is how you create a Draft. 

Video Guide: 

1. Create an opportunity like normal. 
If you need to know how to create an Op please read, "How to Create an Opportunity". 

2. Upon reaching the preview step before submitting your Op, do not click submit. Instead click "Save Draft." 

This will save that Op as a draft and place it in your "My Ops". 

3. Navigate to your "My Ops". 

4. Once in your "My Ops" locate and click/tap the Drafts tab. 

When entering this section you will see all of your saved Drafts in the list. From here you are able to delete or edit these drafts by clicking/taping the buttons in the Actions column. 


If you want to learn more about the "My Ops" feature as a whole, please check out the "My Ops" article. 

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