Introducing - My Ops

Introducing - My Ops

Recently we have added a new feature to your NuOp tool box in the form of "My Ops." With this powerful tool you get access to a bunch of new ways to help you collect, and track, referrals past and present on NuOp. With such a big new feature it can be confusing. But the value of using this tool to the maximum is worth the time spend in learning it. Not only will it help you keep track of the referrals you dealt with in the past, it will help you identify which referral partners you should spend more time with. So in this quick and hopefully helpful Knowledge Base we are going to go over some of the basics. Lets start with how to navigate to My Ops and a quick look at the main screen. 

Accessing "My Ops."

Once you are logged in head to the top bar and click My Ops. 

Observing the "My Ops" Screen

Now that you made it to the main screen for My Ops you should see a bunch of different info. Ops created, who they are sent to, the code for that Op and much more. Other then this everything you do in My Ops will take place from this main screen.  Also a thing to note, FC-FS stands for, "First Come First Serve." which is one of the three referral/Op types. Read more about those here

Search Bar, Filters, and Columns

You will see at the top of the "My Ops" section you have a search bar, filers, and columns. These are meant to give you the power to go through and customize this list as you see fit. For using the search bar all you do is type in the name attached to that Op/referral and it will bring it up. For your filters and columns you must click on the one you want to change which will pop open a menu for you. 


As you can see you have a lot of options to chose from on how to change your filters or set up how the columns look in the main view. You can even turn columns off completely. Say you don't care about the Op code column as much, no problem. You can switch it off! If you want to rearrange the position of these columns as well, all you have to do is click and drag on the left hand side and drag them up or down to a new position.  

Then make sure you hit save at the very bottom of this window. 

Finally watch as your columns change to your new preferred positions!



With that all said and done, you are well on your way to become a pro at "My Ops!". It may take a little practice and adjustment but once you get this new tool down pat the value you receive will be worth it. As a Essential member you get access to the base level of all of this for free, but with higher plans you can access even more data and customizable options. 
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