What is an Open Opportunity?

What is an Open Opportunity?

An Open Opportunity is simply a type of 'sending method' that is in use on NuOp. There are two other types of sending methods available: FCFS and Direct. We are looking only at Open here. 

What Is It?

The open op method is able to be used in two of the main Opportunities you can create on NuOp, Referral and Job. When using this sending method for either, your newly created Op will be posted on the live home feed publicly for all Members to see. This is beneficial because the NuOp team will market your Op for you on social media, as well as getting the maximum visibility passively by being open to other Members. Also, by way of using this method for your referrals and jobs, you allow the chance for people to recommend others to your Op. 

In a sense by using the Open Op sending method you are not only helping yourself but the entire NuOp community by providing value. 

Finally, using this method you are able to vet and select a candidate from a list of Members who claim your Op. 

Members can either:

1. Recommend other already existing Members.

2. Recommend contacts, or in other words, non-members who have yet to sign up but will be notified of your Op.  

There are two types of Open Ops: 

2. Jobs 

Note: The 'intro' Op type only involves you and two other people directly, it can not use the open op sending method. 

How To Create An Open Op: 

Referral - 

Job -

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