What is an Open Referral?

What is an Open Referral?

The open referral method is used by Members for one, (or both) of the following reasons:

  1. They need help finding the right professional for their client referral.
  2. They want to promote themselves.

There are three simple steps to completing an Open Referral:
  1. Create your opportunity, ie referral
  2. Vet Candidates who "claim" your referral
  3. Select the best fit candidate for your client

Step 1: Create your opportunity           
Throughout the platform, you will see the above-mentioned button.  Simply click that button to get started.  Note that a B2B referral is one type of "opportunity" a NuOp member can create.  Next, you will fill out the form fields to your satisfaction and submit it!  That is when the magic happens!

When submitting an opportunity be thorough and descriptive. Your opportunity stands a better chance to gain traction if it's filled with good details. 

Step 2:  Vet Candidates who "claim" your referral

Immediately after you submit your open referral four things happen:
  1. NuOp Members who are a fit for your referral are notified that your open referral exists.  
  2. All Members of NuOp who are within your selected radius of your client's location are able to view and share your open referral when they login to the platform.
  3. You are provided with a list of NuOp Members who might be a good fit for your referral.  These Members are called "Potential Candidates". 
  4. Your referral is marketed outside of the NuOp platform throughout social media with the goal of creating many potential candidates for you to choose from. 
In short, NuOp will bring the candidates to you rather than you having to spend time seeking the right fit candidate for your referral.  When NuOp members become interested in your open referral, their next step is to "claim" your referral.  The action of them claiming your referral notifies you that you have a candidate for your referral.  You simply take your time reviewing their profile, and contacting them directly to learn more about them if you see fit. 

You can always review how many candidates you have and who they are by going into the details of your referral on the platform.  When you have an open referral in process you should frequently check in to make sure you are not missing any candidate information. 

Step 3:  Select the best fit candidate for your client

Now that you have reviewed all candidates you should be ready to select the one which is the best fit for your client.  This step is one tap of the button and the referral is complete.  You remain in control from start to finish. You choose who gets to work with your client.  NuOp simply makes the process of finding candidates for your referral NuOp easy.  As always, you can check the status, and details of your referral simply by going to it in the referral module at any time. 

Below are some FAQ's regarding the Open Referral Process:

Q:  How long will my referral remain open for candidates to claim?
A: Open referrals remain open for 2 weeks.  After the expiration of your open referral, you can submit it again if you wish to.    

Q: Will my referral generate a legally binding referral agreement?
A: If the sending party of an open referral required a referral fee and also provided the client contact information as part of the referral details, a legally binding referral agreement will be generated.  The document will be sent to you via email and will also be available to view on the platform. 

Q:  How will the open referral process help me find candidates for my referral?
A:  Immediately after you submit your referral two things happen:  First all Members whose profession & geographic location match your referral criteria are automatically notified, and second, you are instantly provided with a list of all of these people.  If you wish to reach out to them directly you are welcome to do so.  Additionally, our referral success team promotes your referral throughout social media if your referral is not accepted within a few hours of you submitting it.  You also are given the ability to promote your referral throughout social media as well. 

Q:  How do open referrals help me promote myself?
A:  The simple act of submitting an open referral instantly notifies all NuOp Members in that geographic location of who you are and what you have to offer.  If you are consistently submitting open referrals you will become very popular within the community.  The Members who send the most referrals tend to receive the most referrals.  So, utilize the open referral system as much as you possibly can.     

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