Upgrading or Changing your Membership Plan

Upgrading or Changing your Membership Plan

This article will help you understand how to upgrade or downgrade your NuOp membership plan.

Let’s get started.

Upgrading your Membership Plan:

1. First login to your account. Once you are logged into the platform, you want to click your profile picture from the home screen.  The Mobile and desktop home screens are slightly different so below are screenshots for both views.



2. After clicking on your profile image a drop-down will appear. Click “Settings”. The Mobile and desktop views are slightly different so below are screenshots for both views.


3. Once on your settings page you will find a bar on the left side of the screen. Click on “My Plan” to access your plan page.

4. On your plan page you will see what level of subscription you are currently at and what your upgrade options are. You can toggle between monthly and annual using the toggle option above the available plans. Click on the “Upgrade” button assigned to the level of subscription you are looking to upgrade to.


5. After Clicking “Upgrade” you will be brought to the checkout page. Here you see your total to pay. You will be asked to enter your payment information and any Coupon Code you may have.

6. Once you select your new membership plan, enter your coupon code and enter your payment information click "Checkout". A successfully processed payment screen will briefly appear and then you will be redirected to your home page.

Downgrading your Membership Plan:

In order to downgrade your membership plan or to cancel your membership all together please contact us

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