Upgrading or Changing your Membership Plan

Upgrading or Changing your Membership Plan

NuOp offers a few different Membership plans so you can find the best one for you. In this short post we will go over how to upgrade your plan and how to downgrade or cancel if needed. 

If you are new to NuOp, make sure to check out the Quick Start guide. 

Upgrading Your Plan:

To upgrade your account please follow these simple steps: 

1. Navigate to your profile icon. Top right on desktop, top left on mobile. 

2. Click/Tap on "My Plan" in the drop down menu doing so will take you to a new screen.
3. Once on your "My Plan" screen, you should see the various plan options. If you wish to go from Essential+ to Pro for example click the "Upgrade" button on that plan. 

4. Upon selecting a plan, you shall be taken to a check out page. Simply fill out the information required and select "Checkout". 

If you want to read more about each Membership level, check out this article.  Or head to the pricing page!

Downgrading Or Canceling Your Plan:

1. Follow the same two steps as above. 
2. Click/tap "View Details" this will take you to Stripe. 
3. Click "Cancel Plan" if you wish to cancel. Or click "Update Plan" if you wish to downgrade to a lower level and lose out on your current memberships features. 

If you wish to cancel your plan please feel free to contact us 

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