Opportunity Reviews

Opportunity Reviews

Opportunity reviews are yet another way for you to share your appreciation for other Members as well quality check their Ops. In this post we will go over how to create a Opportunity Review and how to view reviews you have given and received. 

Video Walkthrough: 

1. First you will want to create an Opportunity as normal. 
If you need help on how to create an Op check out this helpful post "How To Create An Opportunity
2. if you have completed the Op navigate to its detail view my going to your "My Ops". 

3. Click/tap on the Op you wish to complete. 

4. Using the drop down arrow next to the Ops status, select "Completed". This will prompt a pop-up if you wish to confirm your completion make sure to hit the correct button. Follow the images below. 

5. If there is revenue data fill it out in this step. If not, hit skip to move on to the Opportunity Review screen. 
Note: When you move past this step the Op status will finalize its "Completed" status making it unchangeable . 

6. When presented with the review pop-up there is no order in which you have to fill out the info. But we suggest this order; select the amount of stars you feel the Op is worth, leave your review message, then review the client by selecting from the three listed options. 

Reviewing the client is different then your review message which is intended for the Creator. 

7. Once you hit send, congrats your review has been posted! A pop-up will show informing you that it was posted and you will be taken to that Member's profile to view what it looks like. Hitting 'see review' will scroll your screen down for you and you will be able to see your newly created review, clicking the x on the top right will simply close the pop up and you are able to move as you wish. 

Note: If your review is not present simply refresh the page for it to appear. The pop up will also reappear. 


And that's all you need to know in order to start writing Op Reviews! This is a way for other Member's to not only leave some thanks for well created Ops, but also to quality check each other and indicate any bad apples. NuOp is a community of professionals who wish to help each other out, this is yet another tool to empower the community to do so.  


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