Referral Exchange Methods

Referral Exchange Methods

NuOp provides it's members with three referral exchange methods:

  1. Open Referral
  2. Direct Referral
  3. First-come, First-serve
These three methods are all able to be accomplished by filling out one simple referral input form.  In other words, you don't need to actually choose a method when filling out the form.  You simply need to answer a few short questions and the system handles the rest. 

The referral input process is so simple that you should just get started.  The "Create Referral" button is viewable from pretty much anywhere on the platform. Just click it to get started. 

Each of the three methods noted above are different ways to exchange a current or future client referral.  It should be noted that NuOp also provides it's Members with the ability to track past referrals. Tracking a past referral is also accomplished through the referral input form, which again, is accessed through the "Create Referral" button. 

Tracking referrals is extremely important because it helps you identify where your client referrals are coming from and going to.  
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