Setup your account for invite and earn program

Setup your account so that you can be paid from the invite & earn program

Our invite & earn program gives all of our Members a chance to earn money for inviting their referral partners to join NuOp. In order to actually get paid each Member must enter in the details of their debit card account.  Once the Member's debit card account is configured NuOp can then begin depositing money which is earned by the Member from the invite & earn program.  Click here to learn more about the invite & earn program.  

Rest assured that when entering your debit card account no charges will occur.  This account is being entered simply to receive payments from NuOp. If you wish to purchase a subscription or any add-on service that is done in a different area of your Member settings. 

See the screenshot below on how to get started

If viewing this image on mobile tap it for better viewing

After you click "Setup Account" the rest is very straightforward.  Upon completion of entering your debit card details into the system it will take a few minutes for the process to be completed.  Simply check back in the "invite & earn" module after 10 minutes has passed and you will see a status update. 

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