Opportunity Notifications

Opportunity Notifications

To best explain how opportunity notifications work, let's take a look at notifications from the perspective of our three referral exchange methods.  Remember, a "referral" is a type of "opportunity" that a Member can create:
  1. Open Referral
  2. Direct Referral
  3. First-come, First-serve 

To learn more about the three referral exchange methods, simply click the links above.

Open Referral Notifications

When a Member creates an “open” referral this means the referral is open for any other Member of the community to “claim” the referral provided that Member has a matching profession. In other words, a plumber can't claim a client referral intended for a financial advisor.  It should also be noted that all open referrals can be seen by all members of the community regardless of their profession provided that they are physically located in the geographic region of the open referral.  Below is an example of what we call an open referral "card".  When an open referral is active in your marketplace this is how you will see them.  You can click on these cards for more details about the referral.  

All Members who service the target area of the referral, and also have a matching profession are notified via push, & email notifications.  All push notifications are also logged in the notifications tray inside the platform.  To view the notifications tray simply click on the bell.  When the bell has a green dot it means you have new notifications. 

All Members who service the target area of the referral, but do NOT have a matching profession are NOT notified via push or email notifications.  These members will simply see the open referral card so that they can be up to speed on referrals that are taking place in their marketplace. 

Pro Members are always notified instantly of any open referral that pertains to them.  60 minutes after Pro Members are notified, Essential+ Members are then notified.  120 minutes after the Pro Members are notified all Essential Members are then notified.  Click here to sign up for an Essential+ or Pro play today!

Direct & First-come, First-serve Referral Notifications

When either a direct or first-come, first-serve referral is created specific members are selected to exchange said referral.  Because of this, only the Members who are selected as candidates for the referral are notified about the referral.  Those members will receive both push and email notifications regarding the referral exchange taking place. 

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