Open opportunity candidate information and assignment

Open opportunity candidate information and assignment

This article will explain what you should do once your open opportunity has one or more candidates. 

What is a candidate?

A candidate is a NuOp Member who has "claimed" an open referral.  This simply means the Member is interested in the open opportunity you created on the platform.  Candidates for your open opportunities are extremely important and should be communicated with in a timely fashion so that you can complete the exchange of your opportunity. 

How do I view my candidates?

Login to your NuOp account simply go into the opportunity detail view.  The easiest way to get there is to click on the "opportunities" tab, find the respective opportunity and tap/click it. That drops you right into the opportunity detail view. 

In the detail view, you will see a "Candidates" card.  Like the one displayed below. 

What should I do now that I can view my candidates?

There are three actions you can take from the "Candidate" card in the opportunity detail view.  

  1. View the Candidate's Profile.  Simply tap/click the Candidate's name to navigate to their profile.  From there you can learn more about them, message them to communicate directly or call their phone number listed to talk things over. 
  2. View Potential Candidates.  Simply tap/click this link to view Members of NuOp who might be a good fit for your opportunity, but have not yet taken the action of claiming it.  Feel free to contact any Member on the list of potential candidates to see if your opportunity is a good fit for them. 
  3. Assign.  This is button you tap/click when you are ready to select a candidate for your opportunity. 

Once you assign the opportunity to a candidate by clicking the assign button on the "Candidates" card the opportunity is no longer open.  The opportunity is assigned to the candidates you chose and all other Candidates are notified accordingly. 

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