Inviting referral partners - best practices

Inviting referral partners - best practices

Our Invite & Earn program provides each Member with simple and easy ways to invite their referral partners.   All of this is made possible by way of a unique invitation link provided to each Member.  This link is created when the Member joins NuOp. 

Here is a brief overview of the different ways one can invite referral partners to join NuOp:
  1. Email - You can use our email system to invite your referral partners, or you can simply use your unique link to send your own custom emails. 
  2. Social Media - You can simply click the button for the social media platform you wish to post your invite
  3. SMS or Chat - Simply copy and paste your unique link.
Public Profile Page 
We also provide you with a link to your public profile page. Anyone who signs up through your page will automatically be connected with you and attached to your Invite and Earn Program. Please Click Here to learn more about your public profile page. 
  1. Go to your Profile Page.
  2. Click on Contact Info. 
  3. Copy Your Unique Share Link and Paste it. 

We encourage all Members to add the following to their email signatures, "Click here to exchange business referrals with me."  Then simply hyperlink "Click here" with your unique invite link. 

Below is a screenshot markup with further details on the best practices for inviting referral partners to join NuOp. 

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Inviting referral partners to join NuOp couldn't be easier, and you stand a chance to get paid for doing so.  We hope this compels you to use NuOp to grow your referral network.  Click here to learn more about our Invite & Earn program. 
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