Invite and Earn: Check Your Stats

Invite & Earn - Check Your Stats

Our invite & earn module provides you with a few key bits of information to track your progress.  The mobile display is shown here:

Each section below corresponds to an item listed in the image above. 

Email Invites Sent:  We provide you with an easy to use email invite tool.  (See image below)  When you use this tool to invite referral partners NuOp keeps track of how many people you have actually invited. 

Invite by email

Members Registered:  In addition to inviting referral partners via email NuOp also provides you with a unique invite link that can be used in a variety of ways. (See image below)  Regardless of how a Member invites his or her referral partners NuOp keeps track of how many new Members registered regardless of how they were invited.  This "Members Registered" stat is where that tally is displayed. 

Supporting Members:  This section displays, of the total number of Members who registered through your invitations, how many are currently subscribed to a plan and/or plan add-ons. 

Total Earned:  This section displays the total amount of money you have earned from the invite and earn program.  This number is tracked in real-time.  The payouts occur quarterly so it's possible that you may see a larger amount of money here then what has actually been transferred to your bank account.  The next section of this article addresses this. 

Balance to be paid:  This section displays the total amount of money you have yet to be paid.  Because the system tracks everything in real-time, and because payments are made quarterly, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with this information. 

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