How To View Client Information

How To View Client Information

You want to know who you are working with, this is why client information is so important. Good news, with NuOp its as quick as a glance to see your client information in each of your Ops. 

1. If you are the creator of the opportunity, create the Op as normal. You will want to make sure you fill out the Cilent Information field on the forth step. If not, no information will so for any of the parties involved. 
If you are the receiver and not the creator, ignore this step. 

2. When the Op is accepted either by a direct method or the open op list, navigate to the detail view by simply clicking the Op. 

3. Scroll down until you see the Client Information area. This is where all the client information is located. 

For security reasons the data in this example is censored. In other cases client phone number and email will appear here. 

Final notes: 
It is important to know that client information will not appear here by default. As stated previously in order for these fields to be populated the creator must fill out the client information field. This is located during step four. 

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