How To Post To The Community News Feed

How To Post To The Community News Feed

NuOp's news feed is a place where business professionals can post updates and other bits of information relating to their field. Let's go over how you would go about viewing and creating a post.
You must have a Pro membership in order to post on the news feed. 

How To View The News Feed:

1. Navigate to the news feed. 

If you do not have access due to your membership level you will be prompted with an alert. 

How To Create A Post: 

1. On desktop click the + create icon located on the navigation bar. On mobile tap the + create icon located on the bottom right of your screen.  Then selected "Post" from the menu selections.

News posts are a great way to engage with the community and grow your network by leaving comments and conversing. 

2. You will be presented with the post creation screen. Here all you have to do is fill out: your post's title, your post's details, you may add images to your post as well by click/tapping in the add image field, you can finally add hashtags to separate your post from the rest. On mobile this will looks very similar.  

Make sure to hit publish once your finished. 

Once you submit your post it will appear on the news feed for the NuOp community to check out. From there they can also leave comments and like as well. Happy posting! 

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