How to install NuOp to your mobile device

How to install NuOp to your mobile device

NuOp is available for it's members to use on their iOS and/or Android device. Here are the best ways to install the NuOp app to your mobile device:


Please follow the steps below to install NuOp to your iOS device.   


1. Open up Safari. (Only works in Safari)

2. Type in into your browser and then Sign In or Sign Up. 

3. Once you are logged in click the share button at the bottom of your screen. 

4. Scroll down and tap "Add to Home Screen"

Please watch the video below to follow the steps live. 

If you have any issues or questions then please message us in the chat or contact us.

Why is NuOp not in the App Store?  Because NuOp is built on a progressive web app (PWA).  Despite the fact that there are many benefits to users of PWA's Apple does not allow PWA's into the App Store.  

The most significant advantages of a PWA are its speed, the ability to work offline, and accessibility directly from the browser.  You can add NuOp to home screen of your mobile device like a typical native app, skipping app marketplaces and saving valuable storage on your device.  


For Android users simply go to the play store and install our App. 

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