How To Create Past Ops

How To Create A Past Op

Past Ops give Members a way to add their past business opportunities to NuOp so you can track them as well. Lets go over how to make a Past Op. 

1. On desktop navigate to the bar at the top of your screen and click the + Create button and select Opportunity. 

2. On Mobile tap the green + circle to open up your creation options. Select New Op. 

3, You will now be in the opportunity creation flow. Select either Job or Referral from the drop down. 

4, On Step 2 under the entry field you will see some text asking if your referral/job occurred in the past, click the blue hyperlinked text. 

5. The information that is asked of you will be different based on if you selected Job or Referral. But fill out the fields to the best of your ability. 

6. Review the Past Op details. 

7. Submit your Past Op. 

Some things to note about Past Ops as they differ from the others:

-A referral agreement will not be generated as it occurred in the past.
-Your Past Ops will not show up on the Op List. 
-Depending on what options you select when filling out your Past Op Information, a confirmation request will be sent out to the Member who you worked with on your Past Op. If they are not a Member of NuOp you will be able to create them as a contact to later invite.   


-This process will also be the same on mobile 

And that's how your create a Past Op! 


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