Are Referral Agreements e-signed via NuOp legally binding?

Does NuOp create legally binding referral agreements when Members exchange referrals?

A legally binding referral agreement is only created automatically through NuOp when all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Members with the profession type "Real Estate Sales" exchange a referral with one another. 
  2. The client's contact information is entered into the referral input form. 

So long as the above criteria are met, all three referral exchange methods can produce a legally binding referral agreement.  Our technology goes above and beyond what is necessary to legally bind, securely store, and authenticate referral agreements utilizing today‚Äôs most advanced technology including Blockchain.

As noted above the option for NuOp to create legally binding referral agreements is only offered to the Real Estate Sales profession.  If you, and others, in your profession would like to have the ability to collect fees for your referrals, and hence, would like NuOp to create legally binding referral agreements for your profession type as well please contact us. 

Note that entering your client's contact information when exchanging a referral is optional.  If you choose not to enter the client information NuOp cannot create a legally binding referral agreement.  Without unique client information on a referral agreement, many jurisdictions will not consider the document to be legally binding.  Also note that if you do choose to enter your client's contact information that information is never revealed to any other Member of the community until the referral exchange process is complete and the referral has been assigned, by you, to the Member of your choosing.  Only then is the client information revealed to the Member who you chose for your referral. 

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