Claiming an Open Opportunity

Claiming an Open Opportunity

An Open Opportunity is an opportunity exchange method that a NuOp member can use when they do not know who to send their opportunity to.  In other words, if a NuOp Member has a client referral and needs help to find the right candidate for their opportunity then the open opportunity method is used. 

Claiming an Opportunity through a Link
NuOp Members 
Sometimes you will need to claim an opportunity through a link. If you are already a member of NuOp and are signed in, then the claim button should bring you right to the opportunity to officially claim it. If the link does not bring you right to the opportunity then please refer to the instructions/images below for claiming an opportunity manually. 

Not a member of NuOp yet?
If you are not a member of NuOp yet, then you will need to manually enter in the op code once you sign up. Please follow the instructions below.


1. Click Claim.

2. Sign up or Login.

2. Make sure your phone and email is verified.

3. Go to the My Ops at the top of the page.

4. Enter the Code, where it says redeem. To find the op code, please go back to the link. There you will see it in the General Information section and it will be to the left of Status. Please look at the image and video below.

Tip - The code is also located at the end of the link. It will be the last six numbers/letters

NuOp iOS App instructions:

1. Click Claim.

2. Sign up or Login.

2. Make sure your phone and email is verified.

3. If you do not see the referral in the opportunity feed then you can click More Filters and then filter by Opportunity Code.

Below is a video on how to enter the opportunity code.

All Members are encouraged to enable push notifications from the NuOp mobile app on their mobile device because any open opportunity which occurs in their market place for their profession automatically creates a push notification to the respective mobile app.  It's important to enable push notifications from NuOp.

Once a Member claims the open opportunity that Member now becomes a candidate for that opportunity.  The Member who created the open opportunity (Sending Party) is notified of the new candidate, reviews his or her profile, and contacts the candidate directly if they see fit.  Members who become candidates for an open opportunity are also encouraged to reach out to the Sending Party directly to ensure the relationship is off to a good start. 

At this point the destiny of the opportunity is in the hands of the Sending Party.  Once a candidate is chosen all candidates for the open opportunity are notified as to whether or not they received the open opportunity. 
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